Rosenvold strand camping
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Kajak ved vejle FjordKajak ved vejle fjord

Come and enjoy all forms for water sport on Vejle Fjord. Kite- and wind surfing or go canoeing or fish from your boat.

Kajak ved vejle fjordKajak ved vejle fjord

Some bring their own canoe with them. If you don't have a canoe with you, let us know and we can contact a local man who rents canoes and offers guided tours. ( )

See Video from Vejle Fjord 

Next to Rosenvold harbour, you will find Stouby Kajak Klub. They already have 100 active members and arrange club trips and training courses. The latest course was a course in navigation. 



 Kite surfing on vejle fjord


Rosenvold Strand Camping