Service Building C

Kitchen and dining area

This service building is our largest and newest. Here you will find a large kitchen where you can come and cook and use the dining area.
In the kitchen there is everything you need to prepare your meal (Bring your own pots and pans). There is also an area for washing up, both inside and outside, so that everything is done before returning to the campsite.

Toilet and shower facilities

In the other part of the building there are shower and toilet facilities. Here are several family rooms with shower and toilet for the families with children, with room for the whole family at once.
In addition, there are separate men’s and women’s facilities, where you can shower in single rooms.
The service building is cleaned daily and checked several times during the day, where some rooms will be periodically unavailable and therefore reference is made to other buildings or one of the 4 single toilets next to the family rooms behind building C.

Service building D

The Creative Workshop

In the one end of this service building, there is a creative workshop where Jeanette is responsible for various creative activities. Primarily in the summer months and weekends.
There is a calendar on the door where you can see a plan of the activities.


Toilet facilities

In the other end of this service building there are toilets and wash bassins. A charming older building that has been painted in a special way. The walls are painted with silhouettes of old and newer movie stars and give the surroundings an different look.
In the building there are toilets and wash basins (NB there is only cold water).